What You can Xpect from me

We all want to interact with professional, positive and proactive people to help us with our purchase and who most importantly are passionate about the product. 

I am so passionate about customer xperience and what it - and being customer centric - can do for your business. 

You can always expect top class customer service with a professional, positive, pro-active and passionate focus, alongside bags of enthusiasm from me about you and your organisation and how I can help. 

You will always get speedy replies to emails asking for advice, support, to connect or arrange an introductory meeting, even if it's just a holding email to say that I will get back to you by a certain date and time.... because isn't it frustrating when you email someone and it's not even acknowledged?!

So here is how I can help you:

Customer Experience Audit - Customer Journey Mapping - Customer Service Training - Mystery Shopping

Full Admissions Audits and / or focused International Admissions Audits with Action Plans

Strategic Development and Support - Mentoring, Guidance and Support for New Admissions Staff and Teams Ongoing Advice, Action Plans and Practical Support

Marketing & Fundraising Strategic Advice and Practical Support

Email me for a free consultation 

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